The best cheap inflatable kayaks. Save on your purchase with these recommendations

Whether in the sea or on the river , a kayak is the perfect boat that we can use to practice water sports and spend a pleasant time on vacation with family and friends.

There are a variety of inexpensive inflatable kayak models on the market that fit the needs and tastes you are looking for.

You must take into account, among the characteristics, the capacity, the maximum weight that the kayak has, if it has oars and how is the form of inflation and deflation. (Here you can read our little shopping guide )

Although there are many complex and expensive boats, you will not want one too complicated, which you will not use and end up being a museum piece.

Meet the 5 best cheap inflatable kayaks

1. Jilong Kajak Pathfinder I-1, Inflatable Kayak


This Kayak has a modern design that can accommodate one person. It works with a ball valve that is inflated very easy, is PVC and brings a set of repair.

The boat type product is very safe because it has two fins that give it stability and a net that is used to give protection to what is inside the boat, in addition to the supports (2) for rowing.

It is very easy to use because it has a pad holder. The Jilong Kajak Pathfinder is best suited to shallow water and is a preferred model when not used in open water.

2. Double inflatable kayak Hydro forcé


This double model is specially made to carry out adventures at sea and in company.

This double hydro inflatable Kayak Hydro, brings swelling floor, repair patch, also includes drainage valves, this being a very important point because with the valves it is easier to swell and deflate.

This model includes two aluminum oars that are fastened to the sides of the boat, so that while walking relaxes at the same time This kayak is made of PVC and nylon material to deal with the damage of the rays and sea salt.

3. Kayak Explorer K2 Intex


Among the best inflatable kayaks for cheaper price , this model is the most expensive but still affordable. The expense is worth it, since the Explorer K2 Intex Kayak includes the oars of aluminum, a pump of high performance, and a bag of transport

One sign that it is a guaranteed product is that it has the approval of iSO 6185-1 ” two person inflatable kayak ”. Its design has strategically placed ropes of bow and stern, to facilitate the shipment and handling.

The maximum weight of this model is 160 kilos, and with it you can enter deep waters paying attention to the currents and winds.

Conclusion on the cheapest kayaks

The cheapest inflatable kayaks cost between 50 and 130 euros . This range varies according to the characteristics of each model which in general are inflatable kayaks made to move in shallow waters.

The capacity of the product, the weight that allows, the possibility of inflating the seats and other accessories that make its use more comfortable, are some of elements that increases the price.

However, taking into account the peculiarities of the previous models of inflatable kayaks, you will be able to decide in detail which is the one that best suits your needs.

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