The Art of Packaging

The art of packing. That sounds appropriate. Luckily we do not have to go through this process every day.I’d say the worst job packaging had to do was when we were hiking Mount St. Helens on August 6 ( due to fly to Portland for a few days and then back to Grand Rapids.) And then also, simultaneously packing for this southeast Asia trip. This is our packaging process that documented while we were on our way out of Ho Chi Minh City. We try to keep organized with a few ซิปล็อค
for us to know exactly what is where, and where it goes. Just one more way to save some time and know where everything is .

We both have 40L REI packs. Unfortunately we bought through the site REI Outlet and no longer seems tobe available. My bags are left, I have a face full North size backpack and my backpack 40L REI. Jen has a backpack Gregory (blue), probably 15-18L. The final image is what we’re going through airport security.These rain covers have become invaluable. We need to run a tight ship and not buy too much because not much atmosphere. I just thought everyone would like to see what you’re shooting ‘with our luggage far as it goes.

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