Ten films to understand ten great artists


Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Turner are among the great artists whose lives, often intense and tumultuous, have been reflected on the big screen. The cinema, as an educational tool and disseminator, is an excellent resource to bring your students to these creators and explain aspects as their sources of inspiration, its working methods or society in which they lived. It also allows you toapproach the artistic movements in which they were locked and its key features. We recommend ten films to introduce in class ten great artists and pique the interest of your students for their work, we also recommend to see movies on projectfreetv for the best experience.

1. the agony and the ecstasy (1965), by Carol Reed. Adaptation of the novel by Irving Stone, the film reflects the complicated relationship between Miguel Ángel and dad Julio II during the decoration of the Sistine Chapel, a work which would mark their lives and become great reference of the Renaissance.

2. Goya’s ghosts (2006), Milos form. Set in the late 18th century Spain, the film tells, through the eyes of Goya, the turbulent events that marked this era: the end of the Spanish Inquisition, the invasion of the Napoleonic troops and the restoration of the Spanish monarchy. The film shows the persecutions and processes where the great painter would be involved.

3. Mr. Turner (2014), Mike Leigh. Excellent film about the life of the Romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner, the film illustrates the passion with which the British artist, “the painter of light”, dipped in their work. The film includes numerous details that can help you explain to your students his working method, the characteristics of romanticism, or the context in which is part of his work.

4. Renoir (2012), from Gilles Bourdos. The last years of the Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir are portrayed in this film, which focuses on the relationship of the artist to his young Muse Andrée Heuschling. Cheerful and determined, Andrée would also mark the life of his son Jean, who eventually became a renowned filmmaker. The film can help you explain the use of light in the paintings of Renoir.

5. the crazy red hair (1956), by Vincente Minnelli. Based on the novel by Irving Stone, the film shows the tribulations of the painter Vincent van Gogh postimpresionista, their experiences, the relationship with other artists of the era, like Gauguin, the link maintained with his brother Theo, and his ideas on painting.

6. Camille Claudel passion (1988), by Bruno Nuytten. This French drama illustrates the life of the great French sculpture of Camille Claudel, his relationship with his master and mistress Auguste Rodin and the obstacles that had to face as a woman and artist in his time.

7. the Picasso mystery (1956), by Henri-Georges Clouzot. Through this documentary about Picasso, you can show your students how worked in his study the great artist from Malaga.Although the film can full be somewhat monotonous, some fragments may serve to explain the process of creating their works.

8. Frida (2002), by Julie Taymor. The film chronicles the life of the Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo and her marital relationship with the painter Diego Rivera. It can help you show your students the links between its life, its joys and sufferings, and his work

9. Pollock: the life of a creator (2000), Ed Harris. Ed Harris stars in and directed this film about the life of American painter Jackson Pollock, great reference for abstract expressionism. The film will allow you to explain to your students the complex personality of the artist, his almost physical relationship with painting, and his invention of the technique of dropping. In the film are also artists as Lee Krasner, painter and wife of Pollock, and Willem de Kooning


10. Basquiat (1996), Julian Schnabel. This film about the postmodern and neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat can serve to bring your students to contemporary art. Sure that you will be interested to discover how this artist of New York used their skills to make graffiti as the basis for his artistic work. In addition, the film shows its relationship with urban art and culture, hip hop, breakor independent film. Watch it also on couchtuner.

 What do you think of these films? Have you ever seen them? Do you know any more? Cheer up, recommend it and share these in your social networks.

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