Secure management of your data

The distribution of heating costs and energy metering presuppose a lot of data.Naturally, the succession and the management of this data is totally secured for the occupants in collective dwelling. Indeed, in 2014 FIEEC (Federation of Electric Industries, Electrotechnical and Communication, the Union of Measures is a member) has signed a partnership with the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés) and Delta Extranet Login, here are the details that clarify things well .

These data make it possible to manage and control in particular the energy of buildings and the development of new services. However, the use of this data set must be provided at the design of these products, solutions or services, integrating the necessary data protection (privacy by design) . This strong will led FIEEC and the CNIL to set up a partnership , whose goal was to lead to the publication of recommendations on the conditions of collection and processing of personal data relating to power consumption by devices installed by the users’ downstream electric meters ” (eg directly on the electrical panel or via an outlet on the counter to collect accurate consumption data) .

Three scenarios were envisaged to accompany the “sustainable innovation” of industry in the sector, identifying as early as possible the guarantees regarding the protection of personal data in the definition of new services.

These three scenarios correspond to three cases of use of the data: the data collected in the housing remain in the housing, are transmitted to the outside, are transmitted to the outside to allow remote control of certain equipment in the housing. For each possible treatment types scenarios (objectives, legal basis, data collected, shelf life of information collected, recipients, human rights and security ) have been detailed in a compliance pack CNIL-FIEEC, published in June 2014 this subject.

Through this partnership, our industry demonstrates that data protection and innovation are fully compatible.

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