Keys to choose the best tap for your kitchen

One of the most important environments of the whole house is the kitchen. In Drips n Drops we use it constantly, so the choice of both furniture and appliances as well as the taps

It’s very important. However, the supply of taps, precisely, is very varied. Which is the most suitable for our kitchen? How do we know which tap we should buy? We give you some keys to know which tap to choose.

To choose the kitchen faucet is essential to look at its size. If the sink is small, for example, we should not buy a high spout tap to avoid splashing. In the opposite case, if the sink is large, a small tap will not be of any use, since we lose a large space, on which the water will not reach. But the choice of the tap does not only depend on the size, another very important aspect is the fall of the water, in this sense, it is best to choose a tap with a high spout, as it allows easy filling of containers.

The last important aspect is the variety of the models. All are equally valid, but depending on how each one is, it will provide us with different functionalities. Among the most common, 3 models stand out:

– Monomandos: the most common are the monomandos, for the quality-price ratio they have. Its installation is very simple and with a simple movement of the command is enough to choose the temperature and the flow.

– Folding: it is the second most used option, especially in kitchens where the tap can collide with an obstacle (such as a window). Its use is based on a simple abatement system.

– Single-lever mixers with removable tap: they are becoming more fashionable, but is it really useful for the tap to be removed? Sometimes it is much more comfortable, since it allows access to any area of the sink and fill buckets of water without having to lift weight.

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