Ernesto Dalessio introduced a product for weight loss

Mexican actor of the musical “If you leave us!” Is the image of some pills that claim to position itself in the market as a healthy option to burn fat fast. HolaDoctor In an exclusive interview he told us all the details.

Ernestio Dalessio introduced a product to lose weight and burn fat. His name is “Removik” and is made from natural antioxidants that prevent rebound. According to the actor said in an exclusive interview with HolaDoctor is not an appetite suppressant, so each person can bring a not so strict diet.

At a cost of 600 pesos (about 45 dollars) and with a distribution that currently only limited to the Mexican Republic, Article provides changes in record time.

“Shall I exercise I can tell you what I want is to have a very strong physically and have consumed amount of calories and fat burners. I have over 12 years training and have not found any burner as extraordinary as this. I can say that in 15 days will be feeling the results, “said the artist.

One of the most notorious cases of the benefits of this product has been the singer Lupita D’Alessio, who has reduced 35 kilos in seven months. The son of the singer of “lies” told us the experience.

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“We started out the spots on television, my mom sees that I am announcing, calls me and asks me a couple of bottles. He took them and begins to consume. When I see her after three months was a drastic change, I asked myself what had been done and he replied that took the pills I sent my mom walks … happy, “he said.

Despite being Ernesto Dalessio the main image to promote the article, it was the case of her mother what really attracted public attention. “The company identified, according to a market survey, people and I had considered myself as a thin person and exercise, but when my mom comes to his testimony the product really takes off”.

Thanks to the physical changes experienced “The sleeping lion”, many people have been encouraged to buy the product. “Following my mom there and other artists who are already consuming, not to mention the number of people who have nothing to do with the environment and have taken very impressive and rapid changes,” he added.

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On the other hand, the singer was concerned about eating habits that lead many people today. “It’s such a complicated subject that we are living. We are the number 1 in overweight country, before we thought it was the United States, now is Mexico and especially in children. Is incredible. If there obesity at 10 years imagine how they will be 20 years and I do not want to imagine the 40, “he said.

That’s why from a very early age the actor 35 years has sought to keep fit based on a lot of exercise and sport, making these activities a habit, which in his words “I can hardly fail”.

“I’ve been a kid athlete. At 10 years I ran my first marathon of 10 kilometers; I always participated in the famous mini Olympics school at the local and state level. When I went to study in a boarding school in the US I got hockey team. Currently I run and do weights at least one hour a day, “he added.

Similarly it leads a very healthy Pastillas Naturales para Adelgazar. “In the morning I take a liquefied oatmeal, orange juice and as tuna; at noon, a smoothie protein; in the afternoon as chicken, fish and meat with salad and rice; at six in the afternoon, another protein shake at night and a claritas egg with ham, two tortillas and go with pure natural water, “he concluded.

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