Easy Restaurant: Menu Management Software

When managing the printing of order forms in the kitchen, the management of menu compositions (choice of entries, dishes, etc., of each menu) is quite complex. Menu management software for its part, makes it easy to manage menu components . We will also see that several rates(on-site, takeaway, deliverable, etc.) and VAT can be managed for each menu. Finally, a menu may be rendered temporarily invisible on the cash screen , and menus may be defined as “generic”, that is to say that their prices will be systematically requested at the time of sale .

How does  manage menus?

As for the articles, we did everything to make the creation of a menu as simple as possible.

Already, you can make an invisible menu by clicking on a box, which allows to display some menus depending on the season for example, or during periods of celebration.
Like an article, a menu can also be declared as generic , ie a price will be systematically requested at checkout when selecting this menu. It is a rarely used option, but sometimes it can be useful.

ow are the components (inputs, dishes, etc.) of the menus selected?

When creating a menu, a ” Composition ” tab allows you to choose the menu contents.

This selection is done by level, which corresponds to each sequence sent to the kitchen . For example, if your menu contains a choice of appetizers, a choice of dishes, and a choice of desserts, you will put entries in level 1, dishes in level 2, and desserts in level 3 (5 levels). are possible).

When the server selects this menu when entering a command,   will ask which input the customer has chosen, then which dish, and finally which dessert (in this example).

When sending the order in the kitchen, only level 1 (the entries) will be indicated as being ready immediately , the other levels (dishes, desserts) will be waiting for a server order.

Articles are added or removed very easily in the different levels. Just select an item in the list of items, select a level, then click the “Add” button or the “Remove” button depending on the case.

What are the other parameters of a menu?

As for articles, it will be possible to define several sales prices , for example an “on-site” price, a “delivery” price, and a “take-away” price. The VAT rate may be different for each tariff.

Finally, a ” Description ” tab allows the restaurant owner to describe his menu and, possibly, give sales tips to the waiters.

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