Art and culture

The art and culture of a country are the most important manifestation of this, and the most direct and simple way to meet him.

Both they represent the spirit of the people that inherited and cultivated. In the case of Mauritius the richness of its culture is as exuberant as its nature. It is varied, colorful, large, rich stimulant, peaceful, happy, outgoing and of course rich in mixtures. Miscegenation, as we know, is a constant in the history and life of Mauritius. It is part of their identity, and shape their character.

Its essence is essentially African, but always marked by European trends (Portuguese, Dutch, French and English), also Asian (Chinese and Indian), and Arabs. All this combined with the indigenous culture, the result of all this process influences, called Creole or Creole culture hodgepodge. Let’s look at this in different representations. The most significant architecture of mauritius villa rental is the Creole style. It is characterized by its sinuous lines and shapes inspired by nature. It is a distinctive feature of this architecture integration into the landscape, respecting it and making it stand out as important.

The houses are built primarily of wood, facilitating their integration into the middle . Besides the enclave in gardens or plantations is chosen. The predominant architectural structure consists of a courtyard, garden or green space in the center of the building, which distributes space. This space split large galleries that communicate with the back of the house, where the offices are located. The exterior stands out above all the exuberance of their facades.

These facades are painted in multiple colors, decorated with geometric type, making this more profuse in the windows, where it is also interesting to see the work of wrought iron. The greatest exponent of Creole Mauritian architecture is found in the Plaza Weapons of Port Louis. It is a wonderful set of colonial times. In her City Hall, the Library, the Royal College, and the Basilica of Santa Elena they are located. In addition to numerous sculptures of characters relevant to Mauritius.

Music is the most intense expression of the island. Which identifies best. The main Mauritian contribution to music is the Creole sega. It is a dance music, and dance is also called Sega.The instruments used are the ravane, a sort of long drum, like a bow bobre, triangle and serpe, a kind of scythe struck with a metal punch. SEGA is slaving tradition it comes from the custom that had slaves to meet later in the day to sing their sorrows and joys and dancing around a bonfire.Therefore traditional lyrics speak of love, sorrow, and episodes of history. It is usually danced on the beach, shuffling and contorting the body. Sega rhythm is originally from Mozambique, Mauritius each ethnic group has brought his own style. They are very suggestive dances, and in some cases a strong erotic charge.

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