5 basic requirements of the good locksmith

When someone hires a locksmith for a punctual job that does not require immediacy or in the middle of an emergency, they are leaving the safety in the hands of this professional . We do not only talk about material goods, we also talk about the tranquility of the family that owns them.

In recent years, however, bad practices have greatly burdened the locksmiths’ guild . On the one hand, there are the false locksmiths who, even disguised as professionals and carrying the proper belongings of the trade, have dedicated themselves to making copies of the keys to those scammed customers and then entering to steal in their homes.

On the other hand, consumer organizations and some clients have denounced abusive prices in the urgent service , getting to charge exorbitant amounts for opening a door with an x-ray. Customers who have also been able to check how the prices had been agreed, as happened to a couple from Valencia.

To avoid situations of this type, it is best to have information. Therefore, we collect five basic requirements of the good locksmith.

1. Contrast and contrastable work

We tend to take into account the opinions that people in the closest circle have about certain establishments, and with locksmiths it should be the same. A positive experience, told by someone you trust that is capable of making an objective judgment about your work, that is the best guarantee that a professional locksmith has.

It does not hurt , therefore, to have a small list of possible locksmiths to go to in case of emergency . This will avoid, in the middle of a desperate situation, resorting to the first one that comes out on the Internet and have more chances of falling into the trap.

On the other hand, by saying that the work of the locksmith must be testable, we refer to being able to verify that he has proceeded in the correct way.

2. Offer urgent service 24 hours

The offer of 24-hour service to attend an urgent job is something usual today within the guild. In the province of Valencia, for example, it is common to find companies like paternal locksmiths , who try to position themselves as ” locksmiths 24 hours a day ” or as ” emergency locksmiths “. It is clear that emergencies do not understand days or hours, that anyone can have a problem with the lock at the most unexpected moment.

Of course, given the many possibilities that this emergency includes, it is not enough that the locksmith can provide a quality service 24 hours a day. It also has to be versatile .

In the same province of Valencia, burjassot locksmiths not only ensure on their website be urgent locksmiths , but be able to attend any type of work, which includes opening cars . Thus, they claim to be able to perform “any door opening, change of lock or bulb” and other works that include safes, blinds and electromagnetic locks, anti-moon pivots, etc.

3. Possibility of giving a closed budget

The versatility also includes the repair or installation of anti-dumping locks , whether or not it is an urgent job. If it is about locksmiths 24 hours and we are taking as reference the province of Valencia, locksmiths torrent also stands out in this aspect.

To avoid the aforementioned abusive practices, those that have unfairly targeted all the professionals in the sector, the client must be aware of his power as a consumer . There is a way to avoid them.

For example, requesting a closed budget before the professional proceeds to perform the work and trying to make it as detailed as possible . The work of a locksmith includes the cost of material and labor, travel expenses and other associated bonuses, such as night-time or 24-hour availability. And to all this, in addition, taxes must be added.

Requesting the budget will prevent the locksmith, done the work and taking advantage of the previous misinformation, add a few euros more to the final bill. In addition, it will allow the person to contact another professional if the price given by the former is considered disproportionate.

If it is believed that these prices have been agreed in advance between the locksmith companies, it will be better to contact as soon as possible with a consumer organization to report it . If there are other people affected, your union will be strong to claim compensation in the future for damages. Although they will have to act other organisms like the National Commission of the Markets and the Competition (CNMC) to resolve if in fact abusive practices existed and sanction them.

4. Give guarantees

Something that will offer a lot of confidence to the client (because it is also your consumer right) is that the company is able to offer guarantees.

Thus, companies such as home security systems , in addition to trying to reach the customer by claiming to be economic locksmiths and opening doors urgently , also offers guarantees. In particular, and according to their website, their work has “6 months warranty written on the invoice”, covering not only the materials, but also the installation itself and the repair.

It would not make sense to offer guarantees if there is no possibility of claiming then. In addition to a contact telephone, there must be the option of going to a physical location . It is better to make sure that this exists, because at this point all the criminal companies advertised through advertising stickers can be excluded.

5. Be meticulous with the details

Being meticulous with the details means that observing the work of the locksmith leaves no room for doubt: there is orderly work, cleanliness, efficiency, no more time than necessary.

But it also happens through the way of acting of the professional. If to get the client something that proves that he is a true professional , like insurance. In the same way, a good professional should try to prove that the person who is going to fix the door is, in reality, the tenant or the owner of what he is going to act on.

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